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Soay Sheep
Soay Sheep are small, primitive Sheep
that are low maintenance, easy lambers and very hardy.

Wool is collected by brushing or "rooing" the sheep.

These sheep are ideal for Homesteads and small properties.
They will also improve pasture while grazing.
They love invasive weeds
like Knapweed, Thistle and Tansy.

Soay Sheep are curious, shy,
cold-hardy and kid-friendly.

Soay Sheep

Soay SHeep

Soay Sheep come from the remote island of Soay,
about sixty miles off the northwest coast of Scotland,
where they have survived as a stranded, isolated population
for thousands of years, completely unmanaged by man.

These ruminants are thought to have descended
from the flocks of primitive Bronze Age shepherds.
They are more primitive than any other
Northern European Short-tailed sheep breed.

Soay Sheep are smaller than domesticated sheep breeds,
but also hardier and much more agile.

Their primitive look is stunning!
Soay Sheep
Soay Sheep
Soay Sheep will mow your lawn
and fertilize your garden.
They will also help control invasive weeds
and will give you fertilizer and wool.
You can also harvest the meat, which is a delicacy,
and tan beautiful pelts.

We breed and sell Soay Sheep
and usually have Ewes and unrelated Rams available.
All of our Sheep free-range on Organic Bio-active pasture,
supplemented with Organic grains in harsh weather.
Soay Sheep

Rare in their home territory and even rarer in North America, this ancient breed is truly worthy of conservation.

Soay Sheep

Soay Sheep currently available for sale

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