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Soay Sheep: Currently available for sale

We have fully matured Breeding Ewes as well as non-related Rams available.
These sheep are 1 - 2 years old, and some Ewes are already experienced Mothers.
Just let us know how many of which gender you are wanting as well as what you are wanting them for
and we will be glad to help you find the perfect sheep for your purposes!

  Mature Soay Sheep usually run $150 to $250 each.
The sheep do best in flocks, so we have deals on starter flocks.
A flock of two Ewes and a non-related Ram runs around $375.
Three Ewes and a Ram would run around $465,
and a starter flock or 4 Ewes and two Rams would run around $595.
All of our Sheep are healthy and should be successful breeders for many years to come.
Our Sheep are raised on organic, bio-active pasture supplemented with organic hay and grains.

If you are interested in our Soay Sheep, please email us at urweg@urweg.com or call us at 406-961-3225.

Individual Sheep

Most of the individual Sheep listed below have been sold.
However, similar sheep are available.
Just let us know what you are looking for and we will be glad to help you pick the perfect sheep for your purposes!


A rare opportunity:
Our finest Breeding Ram
has simply sired so many offspring
that we need to use a new Breeding Ram.

As the lead Ram and son of our lead Ewe,
Hersir watches out for the herd.
He cares for all the sheep, is gentle with the ewes and lambs
and sires large offspring, many of them twins.

Hersir is incredibly friendly and gentle,
eats out of our daughter's hand
and follows when called with grain.
Hersir is 3 years old.


A wonderfully sweet and beautiful Ewe
that is a doting mother.
She is going on 3 years and has had twins twice!
She has been bred with Frodi in the Autumn of 2012.
And had Twin Lambs again in 2013!


Soay Sheep

Soay Sheep

Mona is a gorgeous dark brown Ewe with beautiful Horns.
She is the daughter of our Lead Ewe
and one of the most intelligent Ewes we have.
At almost 3 years of age, she is ready to lead her own herd.
Mona is also an experienced mother.
Presently has a beautiful Lamb.
(photos on request)



This Lady is curious, very friendly and a great Mother.
She is a quiet, content Ewe that loves to follow in the herd.
This Ewe has been bred with Hersir in the Autumn of 2012.
Expected to lamb soon!
Registered and tagged Ewe.


Aela with Lamb

Absolutely gorgeous Ewe
had a little Ewe lamb in 2013


Sheep Rams

Lambs, Lambs, Lambs

These lambs have all been sold, but the pictures are just too cute to take down!


  In a herd setting, lambs and their mothers stay close to each other for the rest of their Lives
and will enjoy each others company even after years.

This page was last updated on February 4, 2014.

If you are interested in our Soay Sheep, please email us at urweg@urweg.com or call us at 406-961-3225 .

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